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Friday, August 12, 2011

Girl's Beach Trip

Take 3 friends from college, add 2 little girls, a baby and a teenager , stir them all up and send them to the beach and guess what ya get? Lots of laughs and lots of fun!
I was able to go to Sunset beach with two of my friends Amy and Teresa. We were only gone for a few nights, but we had so much fun. The girls all did so good too. I think we only embarrassed them a little bit! :)This was Sarah Faith's first visit to the beach and while she wasn't too sure about the sand, she loved the water and the sunshine. It was HOT! Too hot for this mama., but SF loved it! We brought her a little pool to splash around in and she also took a nap on me at the beach both days.She also discovered french fries on this trip. Oh my! She could not get them in quick enough!
Amy and Abby waiting for our shrimp..

Chloe and Esther playing on the way! They were so fun together and got along really well. The tried on each others clothes and had photo shoots. Too cute!
Sunset Beach, NC
We also decided on the way home that we need to make this an annual thing.. :)

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