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Monday, July 18, 2011

One month home!

I really cannot believe we will have been home one month tomorrow! Crazy how this month has flown by. I will have to say that those first couple of weeks were brutal, but things have gotten SO much better! It is amazing how sleep can help any situation! :)

Micah is doing so good. So very good. He is learning more English every day. We have begun to work on manners, like instead of, "Juice!" He is learning to say, " Mom, may I have some juice please." I like that a lot better than being shouted out! He is eating really well, although he does not like hot dogs ( dogs? really??) or pizza ( this one make me sad because I could eat pizza every day!)
He likes Avatar (the tv show), mario cart and mario brothers, spiderman, legos and Chris Tomlin music. He loves to sing!

He was able to skype with his sister, Olivia, on Saturday and that made him happy to see her, but she doesn't remember Amharic and so Micah had to switch to English to try to talk to her and that made it hard for him. He was also able to speak on the phone to a friend of his from the transition home that now lives in California. That made him smile big!

Sarah Faith is really beginning to come into her own little person. She is finally to the point where I can set her down, leave the room and she doesn't become hysterical. She is also sleeping better at night and during her naps ( praise Jesus!) She loves to eat and her favorite thing to watch is sesame street. She likes to look at books too. I love watching her little personality come out more every day.

For our 1 month home celebration, we went to Charlotte and had Ethiopian food. It was SOO good! We clean off the entire tray of food the sweet lady brought our way. Micah stuffed a whole roll of injera in his mouth before the food even came. I was able to buy and freeze some injera so maybe that will help when he needs an injera fix.
Sweet brother loveDoro Wat and Tibs! YUM!
All the girls
Sarah Faith waiting for her yummy lunch too!

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