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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Room Make-over time!

Nathan's room has been an issue in the back of my mind for some time now and this Saturday we were finally able to pull it together and make it a two boy room! Nate had a lot of junk is his room that he never played with and everything was pretty disjointed. He had white bunk beds and really no room decorations. So Greg took the bunks a part and moved them into Esther's room. Then he took Esther's bunks apart and made them into twin beds. We bought some sports wall clings and a lamp to match the comforters and A NEW ROOM!!Nate hanging out on "his side" of the room. We wanted Micah to feel like he had a spot for his own stuff so we kinda split the room.
Loved the wall clings we found at Target. So cute and matched perfect! ( I am going to get a sports flag for the breaker box above Nate's bed!)

Micah's side. I framed pictures of his mother, sister and aunt and also a frame that is a giant card people signed at our adoption shower. I am also working on a frame of his friends from the Transition house in Ethiopia and I want to get him an Ethiopian flag too.

It seems so real now that his room is ready! Only 8 more days until we leave!!

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