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Thursday, August 27, 2015

At Peace Academy - School year 2015/ 2016

School has officially started for us around here! This is my 10th year homeschooling! And I have a senior this year!

Abigail is taking early college courses at the local community college ( Writing and Inquiry & Quantitve Literacy)  and a few high school co-op classes. She is also helping out as an assistant for the middle school physical science teacher at 2 local co-ops.
She is playing volleyball and basketball for the Forsyth County Home Educators ( Go Hawks!) and is Lifeguarding.

We will be going to visit lots of campuses this year as she decides and applies for college. GULP!

Nate is in 10th grade and is taking a pretty heavy load this year at our local co-ops. He has
Physical Science
US History
Spanish 2
Auto Upkeep
A writing class

He is active still with music and would love to be a music major/ worship leader in college in a few years.

Micah is in 9th grade and is playing soccer for FHE. He is taking classes at our local co-ops and is working with me daily in reading and language. He has came a long way but still has a long way to go with his reading.  His favorite class in Geography.

Essie is in 7th grade. She is doing math and language at home with me and taking classes at the co-op too. She is beginning to want to read for pleasure  (which makes me so happy) ! She is also still very artsy and loves cooking and craft projects.

Sarah Faith began her second year of preschool at Piney Grove Elementary. She takes speech therapy there a few days a week and has an IEP to meet her needs. We love her teachers and her class! She has skipped and danced to class the last two mornings. I am just praying that she keeps that up!

I am super excited for this year. From trying to enjoy and soak up every minute of my girl's last year of high school to baby G joining us in December.... It is going to be quite the year!

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