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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Surprise Surprise ( part 1)

If you follow me on FB or Instagram then you know all about what has been happening around our home the last few months, but for the blog only readers I have a little bit of news:

We are going to have a baby!!!!!!!

Crazy, huh? Even though my belly seems to be growing daily and I can feel his little kicks, I am still in shock and it is SO surreal! I am gonna start with the back story and give you guys the details.

Sorry if  this part  is TMI but it is part of this crazy story

Back in 2001 , we lived in WV and had just had our third child in 4 years. We were most assuredly finished having kids  (or so we thought)  I had been on birth control our first year of marriage and it had wrecked my system so we knew that me going back on it would not be a solution. Instead,  Greg and I decided he would have a vasectomy. So in 2002 , he did just that.

A few years, ministries and states later,  we are now in Florida,  it is 2005 and we are kinda regretting the no more kids thing. We thought one more baby would even us up at 4 and we both began looking at adoption. At the time, the cost, wait, paperwork and uncertainty of the adoption process scared us a lot so we decided that,  for us,  the best thing to do was a vasectomy reversal. We researched doctors in the area and Greg had this done in January of 2005.

I just knew we would have a baby by Christmas.

 Boy, was I mistaken.

The procedure must not have worked. Or my body would not cooperate. Whatever it was, there was no positive pregnancy test. No good news. No baby by the holidays. This began my journey with secondary infertility.  Now, we never went back to Greg's doctor to see what was wrong. He was insistent that he would not have another surgery no matter what the doctor said so there was no need to go back. I accepted that and didn't push him to.

A few years and the baby dream seemed an impossibility so we started researching adoption again. We worked with Florida Baptist Children's Home for about a year , taking classes, doing home studies and we were even matched with a mother who later decided to parent her baby.

In 2008, we moved to North Carolina and Greg began full time pastoring again and in November of 2009, we started the process of adopting from Ethiopia.  I have even said that God used our secondary infertility to allow us to adopt Micah and Sarah.... we probably would not have pursued adoption if we would have been able to have a 4th baby.

In June of 2011 Micah and Sarah Faith came to the USA and we became the Mullis Family, party of 7. Our unit was complete. 

Or so we thought...........

(Stay tuned for Part 2)

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