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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Baby G

My 20th week of pregnancy started on Monday. Half way there! We started the day by going for an ultrasound. I was a little nervous because I have had blood pressure issues and that can cause damage to the placenta that will only show up in an ultrasound, so I wasn't really sure what we would find.

The first thing he did was show us that he is indeed a boy! :) Even though the genetics test I took was 99% accurate, it was nice to have visual proof as well.  Everything else looked good too, he measured according to my due date and thankfully the placenta and umbilical cord flow all looked great. So thankful!

Unless I get a BP spike or he measures "off" , we won't have another ultrasound. It is crazy to think I am half way through this pregnancy AND summer is our slowest time of year. Once school and sports begin in the fall, time will fly by! sooooo...... I have already started nesting!

I am a planner and I knew waiting until fall and having to squeeze baby prep into an already busy schedule would be stressful for me so I began purging and cleaning out a spot in our bedroom for baby central. I went to a garage sale Saturday. A couple with a one year old is moving to Florida and they were selling a lot of stuff!
I was especially interested in their car seat/ stroller combo that had been at the grandmas house as a spare. It literally looked like it had been used less than 5 times and she sold it to me for $40. I know a lot of people frown on buying used car seats, but this one is only a year old and had been barely used and never in a wreck, so I felt safe about it. She also had sleepers for $1 so I bought some of them..... first clothes purchase I have made for little G.

I got home and Greg asked it I wanted the crib up. Yes, and mainly to work on dimensions in the bedroom but also for a place to store things as I bought them. Greg and the boys had it up in no time. It was so surreal to see a baby crib up again in our bedroom! A sweet friend of mine called and asked if we would like her baby gear she was getting rid of so she dropped off a swing, bouncer and ton of other baby stuff for us. Super thankful for her thinking of us and giving us so much stuff we won't have to purchase now.

I have an old dresser that my mom bought when she was pregnant with me that I used and my sister used and then she gave it to me for Abby. It has been " the baby dresser" with all three of my bio kids and with Sarah. We have painted the actual dresser and the knobs various colors over the year.  It was white with pink and navy knobs for Sarah. I wanted it a little more boyish for Gideon so Micah and Nate helped me sand and paint it a Carolina blue on Monday afternoon.

 The knobs were beyond another coat of paint so I went to Hobby Lobby and found the cutest sports knobs on clearance. I think it turned out great!

Still not sure what bedding I will get. Truth be told, I cannot bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on new bedding. Consignment sale season begins this weekend around here, so I will shop those sales until I see a sports theme bedding that I like. So much fun nesting again. I can't wait until it is time to buy some Dreft and start washing his layette.  Is there a sweeter smell than baby? I can't think of one!

Once Abigail gets home from Africa, she is going to go with me to register for baby items and my mom is hosting a baby shower for me Labor Day weekend in Virginia. I am super excited about that. Not only celebrating Gideon but also being able to see friends and family that I haven't gotten to see in a long time!  My sister is even flying in from Colorado for it. :)

It is gonna be an exciting rest of 2015, that is for sure!

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