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Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Fun.

We went up to my parents home in VA for the 4th. My mom had a yummy Bbq dinner complete with a bonfire and smore's. It was nice and cool ( yay!!!) .  Kim and Shake Smith and Kim's parents Bonnie and Jimmy came over to eat with us.

Shake is my parent's pastor (and they are also related to us) (and they were my youth leaders growing up)  It is crazy to me that they are grandparents now because in my eyes they are ageless. One of the things in the " pro column" for Greg when we first started dating was that he reminded me of Shake both in looks and in actions. :)

 I love these two and have looked up to them for as long as I can remember ( I was their flower girl in their wedding)  It was so good to spend time with them and catch up on life.

Sarah Faith is into photo ops right now... she made me take this picture of her cheeeeeeesing. 

Playing Playdough in the yard. 

Mrs. Bonnie eating her first Smore that she can remember! 

Kim mastering the art of Smore making. 

Sarah was more interested in bubbles than marshmallows

I love this guy. :)

Me and my pretty Essie

Kim and Shake sharing a Smore. I love these guys! 

Nana and Gramps taking care of us all.

Sitting around enjoying the cool Virginia weather. 

These two stole my phone and took a bunch of selfies. You can tell they are up to no good! 

Yes.... those are their normal faces. :) I heart teenagers. 

Happy Birthday America! From the Mullis 7! 

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