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Monday, November 11, 2013

Races ( pine car and 5Ks), Musicals and Dinner out too

A fun full week for the Mullis Life this week.. Especially the Mullis Mom! Wednesday night we had our Pine Car Derby at church. The kids have been working on the cars during their craft time at Pioneer Clubs and were all so excited to race them. Mr. Steve had the track all set up in the family life center and brackets ready for the racers. 

Essie Hope with her car. 

So Sarah Faith and I apparently have the same" Lets race a car" face. 

Sarah won for the preschool class! Her little purple car was undefeated! 

Then Thursday night my BFF, Amy and I went with a few other friends to the Wake Forest production of Hairspray. I'm gonna go ahead and confess that I totally went for the dinner before hand ( BEST chicken pot pie ever) and to hang out with some girls for the night. BUT, I loved the musical! The students did such a good job on the songs and it was funny and totally kept my attention the whole 2 hours and 15 minute. I didn't sneak and check Facebook or snapchat one single time. 

I kinda feel like I might have missed my calling as a reviewer of theatrical performances, don't you?

Me and Amy. Love her. My BFF since forever. 

Then, on Saturday the big kids were off to a football game most of the day, but were home in time for us to switch off on toddler duty ( Have I ever said how much I love having teenagers and a little one at the same time?) so Greg and I could go on a date. 
We had talked about where we could go earlier in the week and I mentioned I would really like to run a 5k at Tanglewood Park under the Christmas lights Saturday night. 
So this handsome man took me to the park and waited around while I ran my 5k (In 33 min and 15 sec) and then we chowed down on the finish line buffet so much that he didn't even hafta take me to dinner. Cheap date, I am. 
By the was really fun to run under the lights. I think though if I do it next year, I might walk it because I was kinda sad to blow past ( well lets be honest, JOG past) all the displays without stopping to really enjoy them. 
Staying warm before the race

Tanglewood Festival of Lights

Ready to Race! 

Then Sunday evening,  Amy and I had a much needed dinner with our friend Teresa who is baking baby Carolina Grace at the moment. We missed her baby shower because it was the same day as trunk or treat and I still have not found a way to clone myself or I would have totally been there! Anyway, we had our own shower, just the 3 and 1/2 of us at PF Changs. Yum! 
They played a game at the shower where T had to guess who brought all the onsies. And everyone brought one that best described them. Mine said, Keep Calm and Drink Coffee. :)

It was so good to catch up and to know the next time we hang out,  TT will be a mama!
So blessed to have these girls in my life. 

So that is my week in review!

What you been doin??

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  1. I've been trying to get a new home ready for the arrival of the aforementioned Carolina Grace while making it liveable and comfortable for her mom and big sister.. Shew... I'm tired.