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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa, Chicken and the Festival of Lights

We had out annual go see Santa day last week! We went to the mall to see Mr. Clause before school let out ( Yay for homeschooling!)  and there were only 2 people in line so we didn't have to wait long. I got kinda nostalgic thinking this might be the last year I am able to get them all together and to see Santa. I had to bribe the bigs with chickfila to get them here as it is!  The older Abigail gets and the busier her schedule becomes, it is rare for us to all find time to be together. 

After Santa, we went to Chickfila for dinner and to hang out until the lights opened at Tanglewood. The Festival of Lights at Tanglewood is this beautiful lights display that you drive through. We didnt make it over there last year, so this was the first time for Micah and Sarah to see it. 

 First though was chicken and milkshakes  (Yum!)

After dinner,  we went to the park, but I thought it opened at 6 and it didnt open until we were in line waiting with a bunch of other cars for 30 min. The thing is...I has brought doughnuts and candy cane cotton candy for the ride through the lights. Well, they decided to eat it right away.... And then the sugar overtook them. They kept jumping out of the van in their sock feet, running around the tree. I snapped a picture of the crazies posing right before the line started to move.....

a fun Christmas memory for sure. :)

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