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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Forgive me, for I am a slacker. My last blog post has been weeks ago. 

I am still here..sorry for the lack of blogginess. 
 I am not mad.
 I have not been abducted by aliens.
 I did not answer a Nigerian email and get kidnapped.

I have however been extremely busy with school, church, volleyball, soccer, softball and running my head off trying to keep up with everybody calendars! if you are on FB or instagram you can check us out there since I seem to do a better job at realtime posting over there. 

If you care. ;)

 I am gonna hit some highlights of the last month..I don't really like to post highlight posts....
(.i feel every event in my exciting life deserves its own post ) HA! 

So we had a yard sale at our house to make money for the team going to Ethiopia in March. They made over $1000! It was two long days of work, but it was actually kinda fun We had SO much stuff! . AND the Lord gave us nice weather so no one had to hear me complain 983749 times about the heat. 

 Pioneer Clubs started back last week at church . How adorable was the welcome committee? I am the PC director and Bible time teacher. I love Pioneer Clubs and we had 17 kids last week. I am thinking we will average around 20 this year. It is so much fun. for me and the kids. :)

I spoke at a ladies conference in Virginia Labor Day weekend. I am not normally a public speaker, but God had given me a topic to speak on months early, so I felt that I had time to prepare. I gave our adoption testimony Friday evening. I gave a devotional out of Numbers ( on Phinehas) Saturday morning and then I did a little Q&A session on topics like adoption, homeschooling, meal planning, large family logistics, marriage tips etc on Saturday afternoon. It was FUN and I am happy to say that I did not pass out OR hyperventilate. Yay for that. Thank you Sarah and Max Creek Baptist for inviting me to come and speak.

The Brauns from Texas came to visit us. Their oldest son was Micah's first friend at the Transition Home in Ethiopia. They have 7 kids ( 7! Like a whole basketball team AND subs on the bench!)  Such a fun family. The mom, Christi was someone I called way back right before we brought Micah and Sarah home and she talked me off the ledge I was on concerning bringing an older child home. For that she will always be my friend. :) I just wish they lived closer. 

We are loving us from softball this fall. The Goodwill team is doing well and each Monday ( if it is not too late of a game) that is where you will find us. All decked out in our forest green Goodwill shirts. 

Grandma and Pawpaw came up for a few days ( Ill post some pics of that soon) and two more exciting things to report before I leave you.

1. It is FALL!!!! Yay. My house is all decked out in Maroon and Orange ( Go Hokies!) College football is on every Saturday, pumpkin candles are lit, jeans and sweaters are beginning to appear in my closet and I have had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Yay! YAy!  YAY!  This is my all time favorite time of the year. The next 6 months are my happiest. Love fall, Christmas and I have a big January planned this year.

2. we are going to Disney World!  ( Please stop and reread that last sentence in a cheerleader or announcer voice! ) SO stinkin excited am I!  The planning had begun, the reading of How to do Disney with a toddler has begun, The Advance Dining Reservations have been made. ( I am in full planning mode because i LOVE me some Disney World!) I will give this subject its on post soon.

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