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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beach Trippin

You know how you have those friends that no matter how your life is going or where you are in your life they always make you smile? I was able to take a 2 night beach trip with 2 of those kind of friends and by they end of the two days my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. 

Amy and I have been BFF's since forever ( high school and before!) and Teresa we met in college and just in the past 4 years have reconnected with. Last year we took the little girls ( my girls and her Chloe) but this year it worked out with scheduling to just be the girls. Oh what fun we had! 

On our way! 

The sign that greets us at our condo. Makes me feel like a Swamp Hunter.

I love these girls! 

Sunset Beach

Me and TT
Amy and Teresa

We  caught up on each others lives, got lost, sang at the top of our lungs, laughed our heads off, shopped, ate the worst seafood ever, ate the best chinese food ever, went to the beach, went to bed early like grandmas, took naps, shared jewelry, wedding planned,shopped again, wedding dreamed, shared true confessions, stopped at 6 dunkin doughnuts, laughed some more, sang some more and then came home. Rested, relaxed and thankful for friendship.

Love you girls! 

(And a big THANKS to my hubs for being okay with me taking off for the weekend) Love you too! ;)

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