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Friday, August 3, 2012

A July status report.

When we lived in Florida if there was ever a time when you were loading up in your car to go somewhere around dusk you could always be sure that a few mosquito's would hitch a ride and feast on you while you drove to your destination. One little trick I learned was that you could turn your AC on really really high and cold and the mosquitoes would move slower and leave you alone.

I am kinda like a mosquito in the summer except  in reverse. The heat makes me SLOW and unmotivated and somewhat CRANKY.

The above paragraph is to explain why I haven't blogged in a month. It is not for lack of activities, it is because I am slower than a mosquito in an ice storm during the summer months. 

Here is a rundown of our July.....

The big kids flew to Florida all by themselves! They stayed a week with grandparents and had a fabulous time. They are already planning a repeat trip. 

On the plane! 

At the beach

Abby sent me this picture in a text with the question, " Don't you miss us?"   Yes, I did! 

Nate finished up swim team for the summer. He had fun and I validated the statement that I am not an outdoor sport mom.  ( He is on the second row beside of the kid with the pink sleeved shirt on)

 I bought a car! ( yay) Actually, Greg bought me a car. We have the big 12 passenger van that is great when we are all together, but the gas mileage is not great for all of the running one kids to practice and another kid to class kinda trips So Greg told me to find a car below a certain price, with less than so many miles that gets at least 28 mpg and this is what I found. I love it! Sooooooo much fun to drive!
I love my little car!  It is a  2002 VW cabrio

Abby and I went to Myrtle Beach for a basketball tournament. We had a great time eating and shopping. Sorry the pictures are so lame. I only had my iPhone and forgot to take pictures even with that! ( See paragraph one about my summer brain fog) 

Esther made an Olympic Cake and we ate it while watching Opening Ceremonies. I love the Olympics!
VBS started in July too. The theme was SKY. We had a great time with it. 

 We just finished up VBS last night! Tonight is a Family Photo Shoot at Old Salem. I am looking forward to it, but it is suppose to be 90 degree today and I am making everyone wear clothes that will be appropriate for Christmas cards. I doubt I am gonna win Mother of the Year tonight with this choice.

August begins Pioneer Clubs at church, school will start along with fall softball, volleyball, soccer and tae kwon do AND......

Fall begins in just 50 days!!!!

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