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Monday, June 18, 2012

Nate. the swimmer.

Nathan is on a swim team this summer. The Abington Alligators. They meet and practice at First Christian Church here in town. He has never been on a swim team before ( So I have never been a swim team mom)  but we are learning! ( As in next swim meet, bring a book! It was 4 hours long!! ) 

He had his first meet last week. He did really good. Even got a few ribbons! 

Getting all his numbers written down. 

All marked up and ready to swim! 
So Excited to get swimming!
He is 3 lanes over in the green goggles. 
His nickname is Nemo. I think because his initials are NM...I am not real sure why! :)
Nate and his friend, Evan

Ribbon for butterfly

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