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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I had a party.

Our church has been working on revising its constitution for nearly a year and last Sunday, after finally submitting it, the church voted on all the changes.. 100%! It was mostly adding Scripture to back what the church believes and clarifying some of the wording, but still anytime you change something in church, it can get scary! 

We were so thankful to the men and women that sat on the committee that Greg wanted to show his appreciation by having them over for dinner. When he first mentioned it to me, I took a deep breath, tried to calm myself and said, "Hmmmmm I'm sure we could think of something."  See, with spouses and children, that is about 21 people. 21 people will not fit in my house so that means we would need to do something OUTSIDE. 

If you know me in person then you know this fact about me ( please don't throw tomatoes or water balloons) but...I HATE summer. I try every year, I really do, but its hot and buggy and my hair is frizzy and I sweat and there is no schedule to follow and on and on I could go ( 'Ill save it for a mid July pity party post) :) Believe it or not I actually lived in Florida for 4 years, not sure how I did constant summers. 

I looked at the temps for last week and realized that Thursday ( we were having this conversation on Monday) as well as the rest of the week was going to be a glorious high of 72 and low humidity. So I shot  a quick email to the committee and everyone was available for Thursday. SOooooooo I put my army of school-is-out-I-am-bored children to work and we pulled off a summer garden party in just 3 days.  And I have to say....even though I am still scratching the mosquito bites that I got sitting out there for three was a lot of fun, 

Enjoying some cherry limeade and waiting for Greg to grill chicken. 

A little bad mitten going on

Our table settings

Ms. JoJo and Ms. Charlotte 
Sarah Faith and Leah playing with chalk

We had ice cream sundaes or banana splits for dessert

Micah was very excited about his ice cream

Everyone just talking and enjoying the evening

This is my rednecks and their train. Bikes scooters and wagons all tied up together. 

In action

Nate..the elf

Essie hanging out on the steps with the babies

Donnay and Elizabeth

It really was a fun night and I am so thankful for the members of our church that are willing to give their time and will serve. 

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