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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

The kids were able to babysit the chicks our friend, Jouvy let us borrow for the Easter egg hunt at church. The kids had a great time playing with them. They also decided they did not want to own chicks..they were loud and messy! 


We decorated eggs Saturday night. It was Micah's first time and he kept asking to eat them! I am glad he likes hard boiled eggs as no one else in our family ever eats them and we usually end up throwing them out. 

Micah coloring his first egg

My Girls!

Sweet Sarah Faith with a egg marshmallow

Nate's turn to color eggs

Sunday Morning we had sunrise service at 7AM, so Greg woke the kids up at 6AM to check out their Easter baskets. We then went to Sunrise service and had a yummy breakfast at church afterwards. 

Puffs in a basket

Abby and her Peeps!

Esther and he new duckie, Tulip

My kids all are such good sports about the amount of pictures I make them pose for...especially on Easter. I look at these photos and am overwhelmed with how God has blessed our family with each one of these precious kids. I love them all so much! 

Sarah Faith   18 months

Nathan  almost 12 ( In just 4 more days)

Micah 11 years old

Esther    10 years old

Abigail   14 years old

Happy Easter from The Mullis Family


  1. I love all of your Easter photos!! You have a beautiful family. love you guys!!

  2. What a beautiful family photo, Jackie! I love all of your pics but especially love that family one!