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Saturday, February 11, 2012

project 365 week 7

Project 365 with My Captivating Images this week's theme was WARM. I have to to tell ya, I had trouble with this one. A lot of my photos are from my sorry the quality isn't all that good. Bible. Check.Coffee. Check. Toboggan and sweater. Check. My preacher man all warm and cozy studying for his sermon on Sunday.
Sarah Faith got a package of clothes from her grandmother in Florida this week. It had this cozy warm sweater in it. LOVE. Thanks Ma!!
How about a book with the warm sun in it.. My child is so smart she can read a book upside down. ;)

Warm winter pjs on my Essie and Sarah. They are my early birds. First to wake up, usually around 6:30 each morning, they keep each other company while mama drinks her coffee and the big kids sleep.
The magic blanket. That is what we call this blanket that Greg gave me for Christmas about 8 years ago. It is so warm that you will magically fall asleep with it on. If any child has insomnia or is afraid to go to sleep at night, I have been known to lend out my magic blanket so that they can get to sleep.

Ok... these next two pics are kinda cheating. They warm my heart. And the second, I didn't even take the photo but I decided to include it anyway. :)
This is our Ethiopia mission team from our church that is going to Kombolcha Ethiopia in April. They all gave their testimony at church ( that is Abigail speaking in the photo) I am so excited and proud of this group!
And here is a picture of our sweet Embet, Our sponsor child with Children's Hope Chest. We were able to send her a care package in the fall and here she is holding our family picture. If you have ever thought about sponsoring a child I highly recommend Children's Hope Chest. It is so cool how you can send care packages and letters and the child can send you letters back. My kids especially feel so connected to Embet, like she is part of our family. Here is a great place to get your information for sponsorship.


  1. We have a blanket that we love also. My husband gave me a fleece blanket that the kids love to snuggle in.

  2. Love your images! I like the Figurative warmth to. It's all about your perception, it's not cheating. ;) I am very proud of your Abigail as well. I love the Children's Hope chest photo. That is to sweet! Very warm post in more ways than one. :)

  3. That's funny about the blanket:) It really is getting cold out!