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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Widows/Widowers Luncheon

Every year at Christmas time, the Deacons and Elders of our church host a luncheon for the widows and widowers. It is a nice way to make them feel loved and the men serve them lunch. Our family is always invited to attend and this year, the kids even sang a song as special music.
My 5 all dressed up and ready to sing!
They sang Angels we have heard on high and the second verse Micah sang in Amharic. It was very cool. This is a song/skit that was so crazy/random/funny I am having trouble finding the right words to describe it. :0The men singing We wish you a Merry Christmas.

The Preachers Kids were being slightly rowdy before lunch and so their daddy made them all " sit down and be still". So here they are... in jail. :)

We had 5 Christmas gatherings to go to this weekend! Lets just say I may need to start the New Years diet this week! It was fun though to celebrate the season with each to the different Sunday School classes and groups in our church. I love Christmas!!

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