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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Esther Hope

Those of you that are on Facebook have probably seen my posts about Esther. She started feeling bad the first weekend in December. We had our Cantata at church that Sunday night and I had nursery and she begged to stay home alone and not have to go. She felt that bad. So since we live right beside the church, we let her. The following Wednesday, she still felt bad but not really worse and we had play practice at church , so we went, but she almost passed out on the stage she was so weak and had begun to spike a fever at night. So I called the next day and the nurse said to wait it out until Monday to see if it was a virus. She was no better so on Monday we went to the doctor and he tested her for strep, it was positive and he put her on antibiotics. We expected her to feel better in a few days.By the following Friday, she started complaining about her throat hurting ( 5 days being on antibiotic) So I checked the inside of her throat and it was so swollen and COVERED in white blisters. AND she began spiking a fever again. Soooo the following Monday we went back to the doctor again, This time, he checked her for Mono. Positive. Strep AND Mono! My poor sweet baby girl!( Waiting for her mono test)

He gave her steroids to help with the swelling and blisters in her throat because she was in so much pain she couldn't hardly eat anything. Three days later she went off them because her throat was much improved. She was tired but feeling better.
Then on Friday ( yesterday) she woke up with her entire body covered in a rash. And her little face is swollen. She says it doesn't hurt or itch and that is good, but she just looks so pitiful. I honestly don't know (even though we did call her doctor Friday morning and he seems to think it is from the mono and/or the steroids.) what it is.... I am afraid it may be Scarlet Fever on top of everything else. We go Tuesday for him to check her out if she doesn't get any worse between now and then.It has been a long hard month for her to not feel well. Even today she opened her gift from Grandma and Pawapaw and it was the American Girl doll Kaya. She has looked at that catalog a million times this fall and she was happy, but not the Esther over the top excited happy I am used to. Even in this picture her eyes and face are swollen.

Please pray with me that my Essie girl can start feeling better and get some strength about her soon.. I hate seeing any of my babies sick, but Esther hardly ever complains and I know it is bad when she does. :(


  1. Poor thing. I can't imagine being that sick on Christmas! I truly hope she is feeling 100% soon!

  2. oh, your poor girl. I hope she is on the mend soon!