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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family Fun Nights

Last summer I stumbled across a blog where the family set aside a few nights a month and did "family fun nights". This is where you have a theme and everyone dresses as the theme and eats food , plays games & watches a movie that has to do with the theme. I thought it was a great idea especially for when Micah came home to teach him some American-ish things without overwhelming him out in public. So, I set to work on some plans ( I do love my planning!) and we even tried a few last summer. I now have a yearly plan and we will see if it works. Micah may just be total confused by us crazy Americans or it may be a lot of fun! Here is my list for the year. We will start in August. I will make sure and post some pictures of our fun!

Family Fun Nights


Theme: Backwards Night

Clothing: Backwards clothes

Dinner: Cupcake meatloaf and ice cream mashed potatoes

Activity: Backwards word games

Movie: Freaky Friday

Snack: Pineapple Upside Down cake

Theme: Hawaiian Luau

Clothing: Floral and tropical

Dinner: pineapple chicken, rice and pina coladas

Activity: belly dancing

Movie: Lilo and Stitch

Snack: Pina Coladas


Theme: Valentine and Daddy’s birthday

Clothing: Red and Pink

Dinner: Greg’s Favorite

Activity:Skit for daddy

Movie: Jungle Book ( daddy’s favorite)

Snack: Birthday cookie

Theme: Beachy Keen

Clothing: Bathing suits

Dinner: Shrimp and grits, clam chowder and shells and cheese

Activity:Play go fish

Movie: Little Mermaid or Surfs up or Nemo

Snack: Blue jello with gummy fish


Theme: Rainbows

Clothing: Colors of the rainbow

Dinner: Kabobs, fruit salad, fun rice

Activity: Rainbow art

Movie: Wizard of Oz

Snack: Skittles (taste the Rainbow)

Theme: St. Patrick’s Day

Clothing: Green or gold

Dinner: Green soup and green milk

Activity: Shamrock scavenger hunt

Movie: Veggie Tale St. Patrick Story

Snack: Shamrock Shakes


Theme: April Fool’s Day

Clothing: Mis match

Dinner: Fake out food

Activity: Role reversal


Snack: cupcake

Theme: Circus

Clothing: Clown noses

Dinner: Clown pizza, ice cream cone cupcake( Clown hat)

Activity: Tightwire walker

Movie: Dumbo

Snack: Animal crackers and circus peanuts


Theme: Baseball

Clothing: Baseball hats and shirts

Dinner: hotdogs, chips, peanuts and gatorades

Activity: Wii Little league

Movie: Everybody’s Hero

Snack: Cracker jacks

Theme: Graduation

Clothing: Cap and gowns

Dinner: everyone can pick one item

Activity: Pomp and circumstance and summer activity box


Snack: Graduation cookies


Theme: 1/2 way to Christmas!

Clothing: Red and Green

Dinner: Turkey, stuffing, Mashed Potatos, green beans, cranberry sauce

Activity: Make Christmas cookies

Movie: Elf

Snack: Christmas Cookies

Theme: Dr. Suess

Clothing: Suess hats..crazy socks

Dinner: Green eggs (deviled) Ham and poodles with noodles pasta salad

Activities: pin the wocket on the pocket..Read everyone fav books

Movie: Horton Hears a who

Snack: Thing one and thing two hair ( blue cotton candy in red cupcake liners


Theme: Caveman

Clothing: Something brown

Dinner: Dinosaur eggs ( meatballs) bone shaped rolls

Activity: Dye “dinosaur eggs”

Movie: Ice age

Snack : Dinasaur eggs candy

Theme: Watermelon

Clothing: red, green or black

Dinner: Green rice, bbq chicken, black beans

Activity: watermelon bobbing, seed spitting

Movie: Veggie tales Minnesota Cuke

Snack: Watermelon gum and watermelon italian Ice


Theme: Smurf Night

Clothing: Blue

Dinner: Blue Jello, mushroom appitizers, Blue corn chips nachos

Activity: Color smurf contest

Movie: Smurfs

Snack: Smurf food

Theme: Back to School Night

Clothing: Anything

Dinner: Bag lunched ( sub, chips, apple, chocolate milk)

Activity: school supply scavenger hunt

Movie: High school musical

Snack: back to school sheet cake


Theme: Lets Go Gators!!

Clothing: Orange and Blue

Dinner: Pizza puffs, nachos, touchdown dip, hot wings

Activity: Go Gator poster

Movie: Gator Football

Snack: Gator brownies

Theme: Camp out night

Clothing: camping

Dinner: Hot dogs roast outside

Activity: make smores and tell ghost stories

Movie: Camp rock or parent trap

Snack: Smores


Theme: Fall

Clothing: Orange

Dinner: Soup and corn bread

Activity: nature walk in the graveyard and carve pumpkins

Movie: Great pumpkin Charlie brown

Snack: pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing

Theme: Chocolate

Clothing: Brown

Dinner: Chocolate chili with chocolate muffins

Activity: candy land tournament

Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Snack: Wonka Bars


Theme: Pajama night

Clothing: Pj’s

Dinner: Breakfast

Activity: Read everyones favorite bedtime story

Movie: Bedtime Stories

Snack: cookies and milk

Theme: Mexican

Clothing: Sombreros

Dinner: Tacos, beans and rice

Activity: Homemade pinata

Movie: Beverly Hills Ch.

Snack: Churros


Theme: Winter Wonderland

Clothing: Scarves

Dinner: melted snowman potato soup , snowball cookies

Activity: Snowball fight

Movie: Happy Feet

Snack: Hot chocolate

Theme: Happy Birthday Jesus

Clothing: Red and Green

Dinner: Pizza (give the Pizza man a BIG tip)

Activity: Cards for Pizza man

Movie: Charlie Brown Christmas

Snack: Happy Birthday Jesus big cookie


  1. Love that idea Jackie--I will probably use this for our family!


  2. Terrific ideas, Jackie! Thanks for sharing! Alison