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Friday, July 22, 2011

Shhhhhh baby is sleeping! :)

My baby is finally sleeping! Whooo hooo! And I am now functioning on normal amounts of sleep and am a much happier human to be around. :) This post may be a little controversial, but I feel like I need to put it out there for those bringing babies home or still having trouble with them sleeping.

** I am not an expert and all babies are different so I am not saying this is the only way you should go about getting your baby to sleep, only that it worked for us. **

I posted a few weeks ago about our sleep issues and I got TONS of advice, mostly from people going through it too, but only 2 people could actually say they were having sleep success and the both were using the babywise method on their adopted children. ( GULP ) I also find it funny/sad they inboxed me privately to keep from getting tomato's thrown at them. :)

A brief description of babywise: It is where you do not use a bottle or rocking to get your baby to sleep. You lay them down awake and let them fall asleep on their own. Then you feed and rock them WHEN they get up ( hopefully a few hours later and happy).

I had used babywise on my other three with success, but it is so taboo in adoption circles I didn't think I should try it.

Can I just say it works.

and she is sleeping

and I am sleeping

and she is not terrified to wake up in a creepy crib that she somehow keeps ending up in after being blissfully rocked to sleep by mom.

She loves her crib now. She will sing herself to sleep and wake up chattering and she is on a wonderful schedule of 2 long naps a day and 11 hours at night.

And despite what you may have heard about it, we are still bonding. I still feed her and rock her and bathe her...just not to get her to sleep. And yes it was HARD for about a week because she cried in her crib alot. I would go in every 10 - 15 min and pat her and sing to her, but it only took about a week until she realized this was the way it was and sleep is a pretty good thing.

Now, I will say that she still has a 45 min nap here and there or a restless night, but it is nothing like the high pitched terrified squeals we were hearing the first two weeks home.

Like I said, this may not work for you or you may not agree, but I am sure there are some moms out there that are at the end of their sleep deprived rope and needed some advice from someone brave enough to share it.

No tomato throwing please! :)


  1. Hey, glad to hear things are going well! I've used Baybwise with all my kids and had them sleeping through the night by 6 weeks of age. I Always enjoy your blogs :)

  2. So glad that's working! We use that same method! Another great book is The Baby Whisperer. Sounds hokey, but it is really good stuff! Our first child is adopted from Guatemala and we are now licensed foster parents. We're waiting on our first placement! Excited to follow your journey!

  3. we are babywisers here too and love it!