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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Newest Swimmer

Micah had told us that he had been swimming in Ethiopia, but one of our guides said it was in a river so we were not sure how much swimming skills Micah had. When we got to Virginia and he got in the pool we were thankful he was not at all scared of the water. He would go under and splash, but couldn't swim. So Greg began showing him moves and how to kick and he practiced over and over in the shallow end. After doing this all morning, he got braver and began letting go in the deep end.. staying close to the edge.

Then yesterday afternoon, he came outside with his swim suit on, took off running and DOVE into the deep end and swam across! We all stood up with our mouths open in shock! After getting lots of praise he then got up on the diving board and dove off again!

We were amazed at how quickly he learned how to swim! He loves it too. The only problem was he has so little fat on his body, he would get cold and shiver from head to toe after a little while in the water.

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